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Raskol - Environment Art

* Selection of assets I created during a six-week game project made by 8 FutureGames students: 3 designers, 3 3D artists and 2 2D artists.

* Main responsibilities: Terrain materials and modular building pieces.

* My goal for this project was to learn more about modular environments and making procedurally generated materials.

* The game is a top-down tactical shooter set in Russia after World War 1 in an alternative timeline.

* Software used: Maya, Substance Designer, Unity 5

* (Logo design in thumbnail by Steven Webb)

This trailer represents a collaborative effort by the whole team including myself.

Johannes terhen sundlov scr3ruins

Assets used in-game (Unity 5)

Johannes terhen sundlov scr2trench

Assets used in-game (Unity 5)

Johannes terhen sundlov 2groundmats

Terrain materials

Johannes terhen sundlov 2othermats

Materials for wooden roof, clay roof, trench, wooden house, stone

Johannes terhen sundlov 3house

Modular pieces for building houses

Johannes terhen sundlov 4trench

Modular pieces for building trenches